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Organizational Effectiveness

Employee Relations Programs:

  • Leadership Development – Strong leadership is essential to organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Often, resources are exhausted leaving managers and administrators feeling bankrupt and lacking direction in their own development as a leader. Dodaro and Associates offers training and corporate leadership development specifically designed to address the challenges facing those who are responsible for leading your organization.
  • Team Building/Employee Morale – Team learning and collaboration are the basis for synergistic work teams. Team building in the workplace is an important role to unite a work environment. Dodaro and Associates offers interactive retreats with experiential learning activities that foster team growth. The Programs are customized for and preapproved by your organization. The fun and relaxing retreats can be offered in almost any setting. Whether your company needs team building icebreakers or team building activities for the workplace our programs can be customized for your specific needs.
  • Diversity – Valuing diversity has become a cliché in many circles. At Dodaro and Associates we believe that true appreciation for Diversity goes beyond tolerance. We offer Diversity programs and training that get to the core of challenges facing your organization.
  • Conflict Management – Employee productivity and the recruitment retention process can be at jeopardy when conflict is not constructively handled. Old models of behavioral change focus on the problem. This often reinforces negative behavioral patterns rather than eradicating them. Dodaro and Associates teaches solution-focused techniques that help your leadership work toward conflict resolution.
  • Change Management – Change is an inevitable part of organizational growth and employee development. Recent movements have taught us to accept change. We believe that embracing change is essential to successful movement through change. We also recognize that individuals at any level of the organization may be resisting change for a number of known or unknown reasons. Through correct change within a company you can improve organizational effectiveness and much more. At Dodaro and Associates we look beyond face value and work with your leadership to address challenges to the change process as it specifically relates to your organization.
  • Recognition Programs – Today’s workforce is diverse in many ways, but the one constant is a desire for a higher level of fulfillment in the workplace. Today’s worker is looking for a sense of accomplishment and ownership in the organizational goals. Formal employee recognition programs create a sense of community and align staff and management. Dodaro and Associates develops tailor made recognition programs.

Performance Management: Employers are not in business to lose money and they must intelligently use their human resources. Rewards for performance and achievement are important in fostering continued motivation for improvement. If your pay for performance (pay increase) system does not differentiate levels of performance you may be losing out on an opportunity. However, with a process improvement plan Dodaro and Associates will develop a graduated statistical pay for performance system that encourages achievement in key job functions.

Health and Wellness:

  • Drug Use/Abuse in The Workplace – Whether the use is occurring in the workplace or otherwise, the interpersonal effects of drug use are far reaching and often destructive. One of our licensed drug and alcohol treatment professionals can work closely with managers to identify potential drug related problems and discretely intervene using workplace investigations. Dodaro and Associates helps managers determine the severity of the difficulty, appropriate interventions, and constructive resources.
  • DV or Violence In The Workplace – Employee effectiveness can be seriously hindered by the turmoil caused by relationship violence. Protect your most valuable resource, your human resources, by recognizing the challenges faced by victims of violence and offering support and resources. An efficient system of addressing workplace violence also reduces liability and interruptions in productivity. Improving organizational effectiveness will occur when workplace violence signs are promptly addressed. Dodaro and Associates has a licensed therapist on staff to address this serious issue.
  • Personal and Career Development – As organizations change dissonance can grow between the individual workers and organizational goals. Coaching your employees for excellence will help reduce that dissonance and increase retention. Dodaro and Associates offers the tools and techniques for successful alignment.
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